Legalisation of Commercial Documents

The DLHK transacts the legalisation of commercial and trade documents such as certificates and invoices in co-operation with the Libyan embassy in Berlin.

Accreditation and preparing your documents

In order to process your documents, please have them accredited by following institutions:

Certificates of Origin and their corresponding invoices always have to accredited by the IHK (Industrie- & Handelskammer).

Other certificates, documents have to be accredited by a regional court (Landgericht). Trade register excerpts (Handelsregisterauszug) additionally have to be verified and stamped by their corresponding district court.

When importing foods and groceries, submitting the corresponding health certificate with your documents is mandatory.

When importing meat products, submitting the corresponding halal certificate is mandatory (not valid for other animal and dairy products).

When importing pharmaceuticals, submitting a marketing authorization of pharmaceuticals (European Union) is mandatory.

What you need:

Certificates of Origin & corresponding invoices

- COO/s & corresponding invoice/s originals, IHK-accredited (COOs without invoices can't be processed)

two IHK-accredited yellow copies of the COO (for us to keep, please hand in extra accredited copies you want legalised)

- two regular b/w copies per corresponding invoice (unaccredited)

- currency conversion to EUR, should your invoice be in another currency (current rate)

The embassy excludes rebates from their rates. You don't have to translate COOs and their corresponding invoices.

Other certificates and documents

- Certificate / document originals, accredited

- two regular b/w copies of each certificate / document

Translations will not be legalised, only originals will be legalised.

Additional copies

If you need additional copies to be legalised, please send them in addition to the minimum amount of required copies stated above and have them accredited accordingly.

Please follow these terms thoroughly so that there won't be any issues in the handling of your documents.

How to submit your documents:

  • Please fill out the Selbstinformationsbogenand submit all of your documents in a laterally opened clear film / saran wrap.
  • Prepare a cover letter, stating which documents exactly you want back legalised (please regard how-to above).
  • Send your documents directly by mail, have a registered service office take care of your documents (see list below), or hand them over in person.


  • Please send your documents exclusively via regular or registered mail to prevent signed deliveries outside of our office hours.
  • Include a post-paid return letter for us to quickly receive your finished documents back. Post-paid return letters below 3.25€ of value will not be used for returning your documents, due to being uninsured, we will charge you 5€ on your invoice for shipping instead. In other cases it is possible to have us contact you upon completion of legalisation in order for you to send us a courier to pick them up.

Service office

  • Please consult the service office of your choice for further information (you can find the list below).

In person

  • Please send someone in correspondence with our office hours.
  • Make sure the person has means of identification.



Regardless of rebates, the embassy charges 1/1000th of your invoice total.

Embassy fees are VAT-exempt.

COO / certificate / document: 36,00€
Copy: 18,00€

DLHK (Deutsch-Libyschen Handelskammer e.V.)

These are net fees to which the valid VAT applies.
COO including corresponding invoice: 100,00€ 
Certificate / other documents: 100,00€
Additional invoices: 60,00€
Additional copies: 20,00€

In case you are using a service office for processing your documents, refer to its respective fees.

Upon inspecting, verifying and reviewing your documents, you will be sent an invoice via email (PDF). Please follow the emails instructions for payments.

Processing time is usually around 1-2 weeks after receiving your payment. We only have limited means of influencing this, because the processing time is bound to the Libyan embassy. Please consider this with deadlines of legalisations bound to letter of credit (L/C).

Please transfer the embassy fees listed in the invoice to following account:

Libysche Botschaft Berlin
IBAN: DE20 1007 0000 0728 4433 01
Company name, Document No. (COO / Certificate)

Please transfer the DLHK fees to following account:

Deutsch-Libysche Handelskammer e.V.
IBAN: DE82 1001 0010 0816 1011 07
All invoice numbers we issued you


We need a transfer voucher for your payment to the Libyan embassy (no screenshot of your online-banking). Please send your transfer voucher to payments(at)dlhk.de after payment.