Import Regulations for Libya

Since March 2nd, 2011 special restrictive regulations have been imposed on exports to Libya from Germany.

Please check the website of the German customs office in regards to current restrictions:

Financial sanctions (the freezing of funds and economic resources, the prohibition on providing funds and economic resources)
Arms embargo (referring to arms and related materiel)
Trade restrictions (the prohibition of the export of listed items which might be used for internal repression) 
Prohibition of technical assistance (in connection with the arms embargo and eqipment that could be used for internal repression)
Travel ban (restrictions on admission of listed persons)
Transport restrictions (prior information requirement on cargoes to and from Libya; restrictions on the provision of certain services; restrictions concerning designated vessels)

Source: Federal Ministry of Finance / German Customs

List of embargoed countries


List of individuals and organisations

Please refer to above links thoroughly when preparing for export.