Entry to the Libyan market as well as fortification of economic activities are currently anything but easy. Aggravated conditions after the fall of the Ghaddafi regime exacerbated economic proceedings in the area.

Still, the Libyan market stays promising for German businesses. We want to help you ease the access and expansion on the Libyan market and will provide you with our network of different deciding actors on both sides.

To further support bilateral relations despite the difficult times and crises is our philosophy. Signs of globalization and rapid growth are present in Libya as well, where competition of international businesses, especially from the far east, is rising. This calls for strengthening the already established economic ties between Germany and Libya, to hold one's ground on the market of tomorrow.

The DLHK, its partners and the governing body of the Libyan chambers offer every business forum member a custom service tailored to individual needs. We provide our partners with mediation and communication between reputable business partners and can help with procuring the latest information about projects and businesses, achieved by tight co-operation with Libyan institutions.